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What Size Wire Decking Do I Need

What Size Pallet Rack Wire Decking Do I Need

What Size Wire Decking Do I Need?

Make sure you are buying the right size and style wire decking to fit your pallet racks.

What is Wire Mesh Decking

Wire mesh decking for pallet rack goes on top of the support beams and supports the pallet loads or hand stacked items that you want to put in the pallet rack. Wire decking adds safety to your racking and allows more flexibility with what you can load. It is the most economical and by far the most popular pallet rack decking option.

To see all pallet rack decking options available check out this previous post.

Styles of Wire Decking for Pallet Rack

Styles Of Pallet Rack Wire Decking

Waterfall Wire Decking With U Support Channels

  • Pictured on left

  • Most common

  • Waterfalls over front and back with no hardware

  • Made for Roll Formed Step Beams

Waterfall Wire Decking With Flared Support Channels

  • Pictured in the middle

  • Used on Structural Beams or Box Beams with no step

  • Waterfalls over the front and back with no hardware

Inside Waterfall Wire Decking

  • Pictured on the right

  • Typically used in hand stacking applications to leave the front of the beam open for labels

  • Requires a step beam and 2 tek screws to fasten into place

Styles of pallet rack beams

How Do You Measure For a Wire Deck

To measure for wire decking you need to know

  1. The Beam Width

  2. The Upright Depth

Here quick guide table that will help you figure out which size wire deck you need for most standard size pallet racks.

SOMETHING TO NOTE: if you are measuring your current wire decking to match what you have, just know that wire decking is described in nominal dimensions. An outside waterfall wire deck that is 42" deep x 46" wide will actually measure closer to 43" deep and around 45.5" wide.

24" deep upright 36" deep upright 42" deep upright 48" deep upright
4' wide beam (1) 24" d x 46" w (1) 36" d x 46" w (1) 42" d x 46" w (1) 48" d x 46" w
8' wide beam (2) 24" d x 46" w (2) 36" d x 46" w (2) 42" d x 46" w  (2) 48" d x 46" w
9' wide beam (2) 24" d x 52" w (2) 36" d x 52" w (2) 42" d x 52" w (2) 48" d x 52" w
10' wide beam (2) 24" d x 58" w (2) 36" d x 58" w (2) 42" d x 58" w (2) 48" d x 58" w
12' wide beam (3) 24" d x 46" w (3) 36" d x 46" w (3) 42" d x 46" w (3) 48" d x 46" w

You may notice that the total width of decking doesn't add up to the beam width. This is because you want a few extra inches separating the decks to make sure they are not jammed in there.

Capacities For Wire Decking Explained

Wire Decking can be bought with varying capacities depending on the weight of the load you are trying to support. The capacity of the decking is increased by:

  1. Increasing the number of channels underneath the deck supporting the wire
  2. Increasing the gauge of the wire
  3. Putting a tighter pattern on the wire 

Standard capacities for all wire decks that we stock are above 2,500 lbs.

How To Buy Wire Decking

Southeast Pallet Rack Stocks Wire Decks in Birmingham, Alabama. All decks are waterfall style manufactured by Nashville Wire with 3 support channels. Here are the sizes that we keep in stock:

We also have used wire decks in stock that you can shop here.

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