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Husky Row Spacer

  • Husky Rack and Wire Row Spacers connect and evenly space pallet rack bays together to provide stability and keep the uprights at a consistent distance from each other. They connect to the uprights with nut and bolt in the side of the upright.

    The product installs on back to back bays to tie two rows together. Row spacers are recommended when the upright height is more than 6 times the depth. However if you are concerned about the stability of your racking system, row spacers are a good option to consider. A good rule of thumb is to not have more than 96" unsupported without a row spacer.

  • Available Sizes:
    1. 6" Length
    2. 8" Length
    3. 10" Length
    4. 12" Length
    5. 18" Length
  • Husky Rack and Wire Shipping Info:
    This product ships from either Denver, NC or Sterling, MA depending on your location. It will ship in 24-48 hours from time of order placement.
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