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Speedrack Pallet Rack Teardrop Beam 9' wide

Dimensions of Pallet Rack Beams:

We have 3 capacities available for the 9' wide beam as this is one of the most popular size. an 9' beam is made to store (2) 48" x 48" wide pallets next to each other.

Width: 108" wide

Height: 4.125", 4.5", or 5.25"

Weight: 29.7, 31.2, 34.2 lbs.

Specifications of Pallet Rack Beams:

  • Capacity: 4,340, 5,380, 6,840 lbs. per pair
  • Finish: Powder Coated Orange
  • Boltless 3 pin shaved rivet connector to fit any teardrop style
  • Beam lock automatically engages for proper safety
  • 1 5/8" step made for u channel wire decks or pallet crossbars

Shipping Information:

Product ships from Birmingham, AL 35222 in 2-5 business days

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